Friday, May 4, 2007

Back to Cricket: What comes first, country or county?

WC maybe gone but the cricket should move on. I’ve just heard on the news that three Sri Lankan players – Vaas, Murali and Sanga are joining in with the English county cricket for the coming season. They are gonna miss Sri Lanka’s international tours for the coming 5-6 months. Again, yeah, WC woes are gone but this act raises few eyebrows. Are these guys really playing for country or money? Playing for the national team does not necessarily imply that a particular player is genuinely playing for the country. These guys are already rich by numbers with playing in the national team over the years, and hence have no reason such as ‘seeking financial stability’ by playing for English county. In addition, they can’t be seeking extra form in cricket, because they are already age-old veterans. There is a saying that when you start to earn money, you don’t see an end. Maybe it’s the same thing with these guys. We have nothing against them earning money, cos they deserve it. But if this lets the whole country down for few extra pounds, it’s something worth giving a concern. If Sri Lanka looses any upcoming tour, it may very well be due to the absence of these players. They may say that they are just allowing new guys to come and play for the team, but the truth may be far from it.


Hiran said...

Dude, I would like to add a few things.. I am sure you have heard part of the story.

1. Sri Lanka Cricket does not allow player who are under their contract to miss out national team's tournaments, thats a fact

2. Today on news they stated that these people would play county cricket BUT would not miss out the up coming tournaments including the 20-20 world cup

3. These are veterans and they do not need exposure? That crap machan, how many tours do you get per season to England? Playing in English conditions is something cricketers value a lot and that experience plays a big role in improving your self confidence

Finally what would you do if you were Vaas, Sanga or Murali, turn down that lucrative request? Now dont say "I will think about my country"... please don't say it if you really don't mean it.

I am really impressed that these guys are selected and its good for them :)

asanka said...

thanks for the comment machan...well...i dont know abt murali and sanga, but vaas said he's gonna miss out on at least 2 tours including the one in it's more likely that other two players are gonna miss those tournaments...yes they will not miss 20-20 machan, if there are a million people's hopes behind me and country's pride depend on me, I wouldn't hesitate