Sunday, April 6, 2008

New chat/sms acronym – BS = Budu Saranai…

A couple of weeks ago I was chatting with this chick, and when we were about to part off, I said ‘bye and good night’. She replied with ‘gn & bs’. Even a rukee chatter knows ‘gn’ stands for ‘good night’, but this ‘bs’ thing was new for me. I was chatting online for like 8 years now, but this is the first time I’ve heard of such chat acronym. Well…usually ‘bs’ stands for bullshit, but since it was obviously improbable that she meant it in that context, I asked what ‘bs’ stands for. Her reply was that it is for ‘budu saranai’. I was literally stunned. ‘Good night’ is such a cliché in Instant Messaging or even general context, which anyone would say, though more often than not they really don’t wish so. But in my opinion, the wishing-budu saranai belies a truly heartiest blessing, unlike that hackneyed ‘good night’ crap. Wishing ‘budu saranai’ is really good, but westernizing, fashionizing and abbreviating it with ‘bs’ shit is an insult to the Buddhism and also for the person who’s being wished. Should one require making a genuine wish, he/she may say so in full without degrading the fathomless, inestimable value of it, but fuckin abbreviating is so damn lame.


Anonymous said...

growing old... this is how ppl in the new age behaves.. Isnt it better to wish BS than to use the westernized symbols..

Sticking to "tradition" is something done by old ppl.. step in to the new age..

knightshifters said...

steppin onto the new age doesnt mean u should forget the values that were cultivated for ages-things that gave u the identity and made u the person who you beautiful it is to say 'budu saranai' in words...what good does it make to say 'bs'...why wouldnt you call you mother 'amma' and call her 'mommie'...? its the same reason mate...pls dont post anonymous, unless you dont have good logic behind...cheers

AsankE said...
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AsankE said...

Thats true AA.
I have come across "bs" occasionally. In fact I have replied by the same to people who have wished me as.
Also there is another similar acronym in the block. "ts" standing for "Theruwan Saranai".
I even didn't thought about the point u are making. True, the hearties greeting should come in full.
One can argue that with the modernization things need to be modified to be short. True! but the THINGS to be modified and shortened has to be filtered.
Definitely a warm wish like "Budu Saranai" should not on the list to modernize.
Make our true Sri Lankan Buddhist values short, and make our existence short!
AsankE (Other onE)

Anonymous said...

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