Sunday, June 29, 2008

The end-of-the-world prophecy in 2012 - a day where science meets the myth?

Could the world that we nurtured among us - the world we’ve known since the our days of the cradle, the world that we live in, fight for and eventually die in, crumble upon us and take everything about it away like a dust in the wind? Could 21st December, 2012 seem like the doomsday - the end-of-the-world?

This is not the first instance of a day of reckoning or an end-of-the-world prediction. There have been an umpteen number of such set forth in the history and they somehow never came true; which obviously is the very reason why I’m sitting prettily in front of this crappy computer and banging the keyboard, and Puff Daddy is shagging Jennifer (if the rumors are true, that is).

All the predictions of a doomsday in the history were either solely mythical as foretold by the oracles like Nostradamus (sorry mate, in case I misspelled your name) or scientific, like a collision of a giant meteorite. Nevertheless, the single most eerie thing, which elevates the latest doomsday prediction above the rest, is the fact that this is the only case where the myth and science count down together to one unique day in the future.

Mayans - the enigmatic and elusive civilization that walked the earth thousands of years ago, were good at two things: mummifying and astrology. The calendars, which they used to predict the seasons and eclipses, were so staggeringly precise. One of the eclipses which happened in the 20th century was predicted by the Mayans using their calendars thousands of years ago, and they were out only by some fifty odd seconds! The Mayans predicted the earth’s current phase of life end on December 12, 2012; which, as they say is the day of the ultimate mayhem - the end-of-the-world.

So that’s Mahavansha - some age-old hocus pocus, which so called people-of-science would so welcomingly and ironically want to discard as old wife’s tales. However, the light which the science had to shed on this regard is the other side of the story. To cut down all scientific explanations (which I myself don’t want to understand), the sun, earth and the centre of our galaxy - the Milky Way come dead in line on the 11th minute past 11 AM on 21st December, 2012 - the exact date which Mayans predicted as the end-of-the-world, ages ago. According to science, this phenomenon could happen once in 25k year periodicity. What exactly can happen on such occurrence is yet being debated; however, the presently accepted theory is that a twist of the earth’s axis could happen within a matter of days, hours or even minutes, causing an unimaginable widespread havoc on the surface of the earth. Gigantic tsunamis, cyclones and major climatic changes would wipe away nearly half of the world’s population, if not all. Hell, as they say, the 2004 tsunami would be like a splash of water on the ass, as against the tsunamis that can occur with a polar shift. Small islands and all coastal cities like NYC or even our own goddam Colombo would be washed by the seas in its entirety, as if they never existed. The catastrophic climatic changes will haunt all corners of the planet for many hundreds of years. It will be one big fuckin system reset.

But, seriously, could this shit really happen in just four goddam years? Across the window, towards horizon, in my 9th floor office, will I ever see the gigantic, rumbling waves of roaring sea galloping at my face? It sounds too horrifying to be real. But then again, there's this feeling that something uncanny is happening to our earth since decades. Hurricane Katrina, South East Asia tsunami, Myanmar cyclone, China earthquake: these all happened in a too minute span of time in the recent history. On the other hand, there is the red alert on global warming. Could they all be just coincidental or isolated incidents that happened to occur by chance, or could this be the setting up for one big crescendo - one whopping climax in the near future - a cataclysmic doomsday?

Frankly, I myself don’t give much damn about a doomsday, but I’m inquisitive of a day where the world would reborn - a rise out of the ashes and fire, just like a new-born kid. I very much keen to see an earthly day where there would be no more nations fighting and killing each other over the lands; no more children dying of hunger; no more wives weeping over their dead soldier-husbands: a world of peace and justice.

Would these all be just figments of imagination or would it actually be real? Before long, we will know it folks. The only wish I have is at least I’d be married by the winter 2012, simply because it sucks to have the history read as I died single!

If you wish to read more on 2012 doomsday, click on below links. Read and learn, at least you’d know what burned your ass down, if this doomsday really happens. There are many references if you do a Google or search for videos on Youtube. Hell, there are even a PC games and Hollywood movies on ‘2012 doomsday’.



Rajika said...

very interesting :)great work Asanka. hmmm its time for me to think abt nxt four yrs.

knightshifters said...

haha...dont worry rajiks...if we're meant to die, we'll die together...

Rajika said...

that sounds good ;)

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Anonymous said...

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