Thursday, July 24, 2008

In appreciation of Shawshank Redemption – the movie

I’ve watched a hell of movies in all my 27 years of existence on earth – well…maybe after the days of the cradle. The way I’ve seen, there are three kinds of movies: bad movies, movies that you can enjoy and forget, and movies that you can enjoy and remember. Where do you think Shawshank Redemption (aka Shawshank) falls in to? Do I have to show a tree and tell it’s a tree?

Some three years back, there was this lousy movie on MTV (I’m talking about Maharaja Channel) on a darn Saturday night. It was about a guy who gets incarcerated for a crime which he apparently didn’t commit and some lengthy prison shit later on. I was cuddled up in the sofa thinking some hot sexy stuff would pop up sooner rather than later (No, I’m not fuckin gay, I mean before the prison crap). To my utter disappointment, the movie looked like a total jargon, especially owing to the very fact that there were no women in the movie, not even an old hag. To make things worse, there was this old black guy muttering some shit in the background since the start of the movie. So before long I was singing myself a lullaby and sound asleep while the TV was still on.

So that was the history. I even forgot the movie I watched that day was in fact Shawshank. Later, there was a movie festival at the fac, and this movie was on the list too. So I went there since the entrance was free (and so was the exit), and didn’t give much damn about what’s on the show, so long as a single penny in my pocket is left untouched. At the end of the movie, the whole audience was like gasped in awe. And well…that’s more of the history. Since then, I have watched Shawshank for seven times – yeah, seven fuckin times on my DVD. You think I have become a fan of Shawshank? Hell no, I’m a big fuckin devotee. Darabont (Director), King (Scriptwriter), Freeman (Protagonist), Robbins (Protagonist) would seem like a fine suite of gods on an altar set apart on a figment of my imagination. Shawshank is a genuine hallmark in cinema.

What the movie is about, who the actors are and how good their acting is just out of the scope – I’m not gonna jabber about it, it’s for you to try out. If you have watched it, watch it again – your time is never wasted (well…considering the bulk of shit you watch on soap these days). What I know is that Shawshank really made a huge jolt within me – the plotline, narration and the theme twisted the way I think, as I felt and touched the movie right on my veins the exact way Darabont and King would have anticipated it to be with every word and move. Shawshank is a magnificent portrait of the salvation of the human spirit. Hell, I even got a gigantic poster hangin on my wall – a picture of a bloke with open arms, embracing the radiance and monsoon. On top, it carries the slogan: Fear can hold you prisoner; Hope can set you free – a very thing which I myself believe in, about me…

Trivia: Shawshank Redemption is IMDB’s most voted movie and second ranked movie in its list of top 250 movies of all-time.


Anonymous said...

Perfect writing.... every word of it catches the heart. I truly love reading ur entries. Good job. Im gonna watch Shawshank tonight :)

hmmm.... I will remain anonymous to the public since im not good in commenting as i mentioned little while ago.

Anonymous said...

True Shawshank was an impressive redemption!
Thanks for popping it into my head again. enjoyed the memories!

Rajika said...

hmmm Shawshank is indeed a good movie and thanx to you asanka for gving me the DVD :)

Anonymous said...

Aye Aye Sir, you just touched me. Lat 6 years I have see it more than 10 times and made 10 more people watch it. Anytime I am feeling low, I watch it once and once of those days just happened to be couple of weeks back.

Came across to your blog while searching the true meaning of 'Salvation Lies Within', you know what I mean :-)

Chavie said...

would you believe me if I told you that I watched this same MTV telecast too, but only later realized that it was Shawshank Redemption? I did watch the whole thing that night though, and found the ending brilliant... but I did forget what the name of the movie was until much later... :)