Saturday, April 28, 2007

A win or loss would hardly matter if…

Just one more day to go for the night, which we waited 11 years to arrive. Though so many things were said, we all know unless we do something special, something that was never predicted, we don't really have the edge over the Aussies in the finals. Yes, we have been playing really well, but Aussies are definitely going to uplift their standards in the finals just like they did in 1999 and 2003. They have not been under any sort of pressure throughout the tournament, and they do not appear to posses any breaches where the opponents could capitalize on. Even if we couldn't clinch the title by the dawn of Sunday, if we could put up a fair and brave fight, in the true Sri Lankan style, we shall always be triumphant in our hearts.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Kiwis fly away as the Lions roar

Well...If my knowledge on zoology is good, kiwis can't fly. But it really looked as if they were when the Sri Lankan lions ran amok today. I was up till now and I know many blokes around my area were too, hearing the fire crackers all around. Great win, couldn't have been better! Can't say much, I feel bit drowsy now. It's a 3.40 am now in SL, and it's the dawn of a day after a majestic victory...

SL - 289/5…Just a few mins away from the start of the NZ Innings

The decision to retain Tharanga pays off. Asantha de Mel once again shows his decision was the right one. On a day where the whole country (including myself) wished he (Tharanga) shouldn’t be playing, he turned the tables, broke the shackles and converted the Giga Pascals of pressure to scores. He was very unfortunate to be dismissed while en route to a brilliant hundred after having done all the hard work. Mahela the maestro puts up an innings what can only be described as one of the best innings in the history of the World Cup. From the very first ball he faced, the plan was right on schedule in his mind to build a truly majestic inning. Bond came up back from the injury with tons expected of him. He failed to deliver the goods and picked a solitary wicket of Chamara Silva which was one of the two poor decisions given by the umpires today. Dilshan hit a run-a-ball cameo but was again wrongfully adjudged lbw by the best umpire in the world. Jayasuriya and Sanga failed to make much impression, but it didn’t bother the SL total. It’s just few mins away to the start of the NZ innings, so I’m gonna shut this thing off and crank on to Channel Eye. Well...hope this sleepless night would be for a better cause...We'll see...

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

A Reminiscence…Four-year University life at Pera (Part I)

As Master Amaradewa’s classic – “hanthane kandu muduna” airs on my audio, I fall into a virtual trance. It’s an amazing song really, one that would put anyone to a kind of a rumination.

Months after the University life at Peradeniya was over, I start to look back and reminisce. Apart from all the joys and woes that I had, I wouldn’t know if I could have lived those four years better, but what I know for sure is that I really enjoyed it the best way I could. Maybe I missed out on a few. One thing I pretty much regret is the fact that I didn’t find love there. It wasn’t just me who left the University without a single, real love saga behind, but most of the blokes at Engineering were in my boat. Apart from a few who had found love before entering the University, some found their life partner from the faculty. But majority of the guys were looking for something else, which they didn’t find in Engineering girls: a non-mechanized mind.

One thing deprived us from reaching a real University love, is the fact that Engineering was separated from the major part of the University. There’s a bridge to cross (the famous Akbar bridge joining two banks of Mahaweli) and few hundred yards of walk. It shouldn’t be a big hindrance, one may think. Surely it isn’t, but coupled with the tight academic schedules and high probability of ‘chaater’, which is almost inherent in any love case, most of us were reluctant to take that step. Moreover, most of the blokes are too serious about the academics and probably giving an overly significance. It wasn’t very odd because the general idea among the guys was to capitalize on the degree and get the ass out of the University at the four-year tenure. Something like finding a life partner was considered to be an extra load and commitment, but definitely a bonus.

Something we always believed in was that the real University Life lied beyond the river. In contrast to our area with people having numb looks and nerdy faces, the majority of the University area comprising Arts, Science and Medicine looked so much lively, full of aroma and was truly scintillating. Breathtaking sceneries entrenched with plenty of history and legend makes it an inviting place for romance. The feeling of holding a hand of a girl and strolling down the scenic lovers’ lane or the tranquilizing uda Peradeniya, while talking all the crap in the world, would have been really unimaginable. May be we missed out that experience, but we’d certainly rejoice over the life we spent there...