Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Hindsight and the woes of defeat against the Aussies in super 8 clashes

SL went down against the Aussies with what should be called as a big disappointment for the Aussies, despite their 7 wicket victory. Ponting persists with all sorts of crap saying that he doesn’t care about SL bringing up a much depleted bowling attack, but it was very apparent that he’s disappointed. He continues to say that they have huge amount of video footages of Murali and Vaas, so Mahela’s tactic of hiding the cards doesn’t pay off since Aussies know how to play against them anyway. He says his surprise was that Murali and Vaas didn’t get a chance to play with the opposite. Wonder why the hell he’s shedding tears about our bowlers. Ian Chappel too made fun with saying on CricInfo Talk, that ICC should question SL with the team selection. But choosing whom to play in the match is solely at SL selectors’ discretion. If the ICC was OK with the initial 15 men squad, wonder what Ian’s point is about the right for ICC to question the selection of players from that squad. He also used the words ‘Ridiculous’ and ‘Disgraceful’ in describing SL team. Ian Chappel is very much a Chauvinist I believe, thinking Aussies are immune and untouchable. When his team has 20 straight WC wins, he must be feeling so. It’s just the matter of SL not living up to the level like the Aussies anticipated. It’s funny that Aussies went with all guns blazing, only to find that SL was not REALLY looking for a win there. One wouldn’t rest 3 best bowlers if looking for a win, right? Mahela’s tactics were very much questioned, but it was not all that bad idea when considering the up coming matches. Aussies’ formula is simply to ‘win all’, but we can’t try that because our guys are not that fit and replaceable. Even if Murali and Vaas played, the chances are very much scarce that they’d be able to save a modest 226. The poor performances in batting and fielding aren’t a big deal either. The fact that SL wasn’t really looking for a win must have somewhat sterilized the commitment in the park. Apart from the fuss of a defeat, I think it was anticipated from the beginning and very much a discreet thing from the SL’s standpoint, and there’s nothing much to worry about. However the defeat against Aus is quite huge, but we’ll hope SL will rise from the woes and ashes and turn tables in the finals…Err…But semi’s coming before the finals, right? Who knows, maybe RSA jumps in to fourth spot and might beat the so-called ‘invincibles’ in the semi’s. Only time would tell…

Monday, April 16, 2007

Classics - The Music that don't die

…Just take those old records off the shelf
I’ll sit and listen to ‘em by myself
Todays music ain’t got the same soul
I like that old time rock n roll…-Bob Seger (Old Time Rock n Roll)

Guess it’s high time I hit the keyboard again. With having less than 1.5 months before the end of the University saga, life gets into a kinda shell; which, in a way, makes things look rather hazy ahead, and music sounds to be just great to set things right. I’ve just had my good ol’ ‘hard earned’ classics collection got together so that not only me, but also my father can enjoy it too whenever he’s bored with watching same old DVDs. It took hundreds of hours for the hunt with the 115 kbps CDMA and couple of P2Ps hooked up; but in the end, it’s just worth the trouble to have something that you can truly enjoy . It may look rather odd for a young fella like me (presuming 25 is not that old) to love the classics and oldies while all the mates go jumping around for rock and hip-hop. Well…nothing wrong with rock and other genres, but you never realize what and how much you’ve been missing out in music until you start enjoying classics. They define a unique and genuine style where the rhythm, class of voice and meaning of song surpasses most of the trends in modern genres (it’s never the same with Kershaw’s version of ‘Riddle’ and Gigi’s). Probably one would find classics are too slow and of inferior audio quality to blast away the 3000W sound systems . And some young folks would think oldies just don’t go with the beat of their life. In fact that’s what I was thinking few years back when I used to fill up the room with thrashing heavy metal while my father was going with the ‘Golden Oldies’ show on SLBC. I thought then that he’s just too old so he can’t go with the beat of today’s style. I now find that I was wrong, that it’s just the temperament and state of mind that puts you there. For me, drive towards classics was not something happened abruptly, but more of an evolution of mind. From the very young years with soft pop, passing adolescent years with rock, metal and techno and then onto a matured state with the classics. Thirty years from now on, what’s modern now becomes classics in time and maybe then I’d be able to crank up my radio and listen to ’50 Cents’ while my grandchildren listen to some crap that’s beyond my imagination . :-))