Saturday, July 11, 2009

SLRC to show BBC version of Robin Hood???

Just saw on paper that SLRC (Sri Lanka Rupavahini Corporation) is gonna show the BBC version of Robin Hood. The ad was on a full page of the paper, and it looked as if they’ve conjured Robin Hood alive. Can’t imagine a more f*d up channel. Robin of Sherwood or Richard Carpenter’s 1980’s version of Robin Hood was by far the best and all generations enjoyed it thoroughly. In fact SLRC had just concluded showing the drama for some 50th time. Now why on earth they want to bring on something far inferior when they have showed the best for umpteen times? Everyone knows BBC version of the drama is utter junk. Once Titus Thotawatta had been gone, it appears like a good big part of SLRC too had gone along with him. Now SLRC is left with half-brained folk who lack momentum and intuition. There were many good dramas back then for children, and now they have been replaced, rather infested by Hindi shit. Without re-inventing the goddamn wheel, why don’t they have the slightest brain to show some good programs? Where’s Tarzan? Flash? Old Transtel programs we used to enjoy? Or at least Discovery Channel? May the sweet god bless young lads who grow up this totally f*d up stations that had lost their way by miles.