Sunday, September 30, 2007

Tedium or Inertia? Or both?

From the footloose uni life to pro life… Before I know it, life’s back in a shell - one seems quite hard to break away. Guess the life - from the birth till death, is a function of intermittent, varying and interchanging set of shells. Changes of life - things that one desires or hates happen within these shells and some even go unnoticed. The longer one shell gets dragged on, or when the transition to the next shell appears vague, either tedium (say boredom) or the interia (say reluctance against change…wonder if anyone ever used this term in this context) could happen. Six months into this shell, and I’m having a mix of them. Say 80% tedium and 19% inertia. And I have a few words to name this composition: I need a fuckin change. Change, well…you got to make things happen as not all changes are favorable. You need to seek your own asylum, redemption, salvation or nirvana – whatever the hell they call it. In fact, that’s what we all seek in our life – freedom in mind with no or fewer strings attached. I find myself long way away from there – my own nirvana. I’m having a hangover and feeling too drowsy to write this shit now. Hell, I feel like boozing right now. What the fuck, I’m out…

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